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Diplomats in Residence. Visit Diplomatic Reception Rooms. The U. The Public Prosecutor, appealed against the acquittal of the first, second and fourth accused but not against the acquittal of the third accused.

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The Federal Court set aside the order of acquittal in respect of the first and second accused which are the first and second respondent and directed that they be called on for their defence. The acquittal of the fourth accused was upheld. Held The court held that although the decision of the Federal Court on the meaning of the term "public officer" is not authoritatively binding, it should not be disregarded in this case where he prosecution has failed to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the first accused knew that the files which he was dealing with when he signed his approval were those of Almac, with which he was connected.

When the plans were approved, the first and second accused derived no pecuniary or other advantage over and above their lawful shares from the profits of Almac. There was no evidence to connect the second accused with the first accused in the sense that he had instigated or conspired or intentionally aided in the commission of any offence by the first accused Issues The issues in this case are whether the element of men rea has been established and whether defence of necessity can be invoked.

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Print Malaysia. The objectives of the study were to: Assess the current situation of information security within the Critical National Information Infrastructure CNII sectors; Advise on the enhancements to be made in the field of information security for each of the CNII sectors; Formulate a national cyber security policy, based on the results from objectives 1 and 2; and Chart out a roadmap and action plan for the implementation of the NCSP.

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