Mountain wolf woman essay

Mountain Wolf Woman

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Lerner Publications, based in Minneapolis, had a large number of pictures of Bruce Jenner, the Olympic Decathlon winner, and was looking for a a writer in order to publish a book. Aaseng had not only been a track runner at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, but had also run in some of the same meets as Bruce Jenner.

Mountain wolf woman essay

Lerner commissioned Bruce Jenner: Decathlon Winner, Louis Park, Minnesota. I started writing while my wife was teaching third grade.

Early on in my career, she was a great help in editing, helping me write non-fiction in language that children could understand. We chose Eau Claire, Wisconsin, as the place to raise our family.

Mountain Wolf Woman, Sister of Crashing Thunder

Aaseng has two favorite books. But the athletes themselves viewed the sport business as hostile to Native Americans and discouraged their youth from entering into that arena. Where an author gets his ideas is a commonly asked question. A selected bibliography reflects the diversity of his subject matter and interests from sports, science and current events:.