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Besides, food is expensive, too. Therefore, unless you have a well-paid job, you cannot afford to do many things in a big city. Another disadvantage is that cities are overcrowded. Many people immigrate to cities to study or to find a job. Streets are full of people and public transportation vehicles are packed. For example, restaurants are always crowded so you have to wait for an open table and on a long line.

To sum up, living in a big city has many disadvantageous such as unemployment, cost of living and crowdedness. Therefore, people should think twice before moving to big cities.

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Advantages and disadvantages of living in a big city

What I mean by people can feel satisfied in many aspects when living in a good condition with modern facilities and social services such as: health care, education, especially entertainment. There are various kinds of entertainment, including tourism attractions, shopping centers, cinemas, and so on. All of them can make people feeling of comfortableness and relaxation.

Secondly, when being in a large city, people often have opportunities to build and develop their career and business. Take my sister as an example. This is because the cost of living is lower in rural areas than in urban. Turning to the other side of argument, polluted environment is a major problem, especially air and noise pollution.

In big cities, not only high population density but also the heavy traffic are the reasons cause increase in emission and noisiness. As people continue to move to urban areas, pollution becomes a major issue in cities.

Energy becomes inadequate, and some people resolve to illegal electricity connections and others address to the use of inefficient cooking fuels such as firewood and charcoal, which increases the number of carbon emissions Marchand, An example is Kozani in Greece, which is the most polluting city in Europe.

The population of cars also increases as the number of people in cities increases, and this leads to the rise in the use of diesel and hence, the increase in carbon emissions. The population increase in cities brings about problems in transportation as well as traffic management.

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This is evident in cities such as Mumbai, which has close to 18 million citizens, with This city has few people with cars; however, over 20, have died because of the overcrowded train with a minimum of 10 people per day Potsiou, Vietnam is another case, with over 18 million motorbikes and one million vehicles, and with narrow roads, the number of accidents associated with traffic has increased.

Urbanization leads to an increase in the number of people on limited land in cities; the rise in number exceeds the supply of water, which results in water shortages; hence, hygiene is compromised. Also, the population, after using water, it disposes of the wastewater on land which creates overburden disposal; this creates a less appealing sight, lousy odor emanating from the sewage and flies which are attracted by the dirty water Arnaud et al.

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As the population increases, fresh water in urbanized cities becomes expensive, and some of the people opt to take water from the nearby streams; this water is untreated and can cause diseases such as cholera. Also, the water in these rivers are contaminated with untreated discharged in them, and these rivers drain their water into the sea where drinking water and water for irrigation is drawn; this can cause diseases for people using the sea water for drinking Marchand, In New Delhi, sewerage was used for watering agricultural lands without care of the effects it can cause on human beings.

Cities with high populations face problems of garbage management. An example is the city of Athens, which has produced six thousand tons of garbage daily; the disposal of this garbage has become a problem for the city as the population continues to grow. Many countries have resolved to use landfills for disposal of waste, which is yet another way of contaminating the soil.

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Greece got into problems with the EU for operating 1, open landfills; however, they have reduced the number of operating landfills to Potsiou, The increasing number of people in the cities has led to the need for building affordable houses; most cities with high population lack development policies and this has led to informal development Arnaud et al. The people cut down trees and built on land without any authorization from the landowners, and sometimes these people are evicted from the land and left to look for another place to settle.

Slums have been built in urban areas, and they are characterized by poor sizing and quality construction, violation of land-use and no access to essential services.

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These are areas which crime develops because most of the people living in slums have insufficient job opportunities; they choose to engage in criminal activities for their survival. Urbanization is here to stay, it might slow down but stopping it is not something that will come any sooner. Therefore, the primary way to minimize the problems caused by urbanization is to plan for all amenities and resources available for the comfort of the public without putting more pressure on society and the environment.

The cities should use the cardinal rule, where their growth is planned, rather than letting them grow on their own. As the local government plans for the city, it should make sure that there is adequate infrastructure to support the growing population and residential areas should be located near civic bodies to improve service provision.