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What is corruption? Why corruption is a problem 3.

Essay on Corruption: Quick Guide and Topics [+4 Samples]

Can we measure corruption? Psycho-social and cultural explanations 5. System-related explanations 6. Corruption is a malefic, dishonest and criminal activity which is done knowingly in order to get undue favour either in monetary or something in asset. Other kinds of corruption can be said as illegal transfer of funds that were given for developmental activities, tax-evasion by showing wrong information of accounts, generating black money by opening shell companies, benami transactions etc and are many more ways to count.

Corruption starts from micro level to macro level i. It destroys the economic growth and development. Here is another set of 10 lines on 'corruption' for your easiness and help you better understand the meaning of corruption. You can easily understand and learn these lines about corruption for the purposes like your exams, school assignments or paragraph recitation in the class:. We have also provided an additional set of 10 lines on corruption especially for our young kids.

They can use these lines in writing essays, speeches or even small paragraphs. These lines are short and easy to memorize which will help children in their exams also. We have provided here 4th set of 10 lines on corruption in English in order to make you understand about corruption. Ex- to bribe a Traffic Policeman for not issuing Challan on wrong driving.

Corruption is a termite which is slowly eating the growth of our country. It is making the country hollow from inside and leading to inequalities in the society.

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The government benefits do not reach the intended beneficiaries due to corruption which is widening the gap between rich and poor. Corruption could only be stopped when we follow the fair means to get our job done and stop paying bribe to the officials. We have provided here 5th set of 10 lines on corruption so that you understand the ill effects of corruption and how to curb it.

You can use these lines in speech and presentation in any competition or seminar in school or university.

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  • Ex — land and property, awarding tenders, hospitals, IT department, mining etc. Corruption is a curse to the nation. It not only hampers the economic growth and development of a country, but also gives birth to other heinous crimes such as terrorism, illicit human trafficking, prostitution, extortion etc.

    It is a result of never ending expectation as the rich wants to become richer and poor also wants to have money with him.