Dissertation on diversity management

Jain, V. Practical recommendations as how to use these marketing instruments more effectively are formulated in the conclusion. Dwivedi, A. Murray, J.

Research Method Proposal

The leader is a person who is capable of managing an organisation as well as the process of organisational change effectively and successfully Feng et al. However, considering numerous leadership styles and approaches, the extent to which leaders can successfully manage organisational change varies Luo et al. This project investigates the impact of two leadership styles, namely transactional and transformational on the extent to which the company can successfully complete the change implementation process.

Based on the empirical findings, the researcher formulates a number of recommendations as how to better manage change using both leadership styles. Feng, C.

Luo, W. Employees have recently become one of the most important resources that lead to the development and maintenance of a competitive advantage Akram et al. That is why the issue of employee motivation should be given close attention by both leaders and managers.

workforce diversity dissertation

This project attempts to establish the relationship between various leadership styles i. On the basis of these findings, a set of recommendations is given to the organisations as how to improve their existing employee motivation rates. Law, C. Akram, T.

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There has been a long debate about whether male leaders are more effective compared to female leaders. For instance, Ng et al. At the same time, Eagly and Heilman indicated that the gender advantage theory offered a simplistic and stereotypical view, which ignored the significance of contextual contingences. This project attempts to shed light on this issue by examining the extent to which gender differences impact leadership effectiveness and organisational performance in five large multinational corporations.

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Eagly, A. Ng, T. Still struggling with your dissertation? We offer a dissertation writing service that will help you succeed — contact us today to get started. Created with Sketch. Organisational management dissertation topics Corporate social responsibility CSR and its role in organisational sustainability In accordance with the stakeholder theory, companies engage in corporate social responsibility CSR activities to fulfil their duty to the society and environment Terouhid and Ries, Suggested initial topic reading: Wang, H.

Workplace diversity management using corporate culture in the information technology IT industry During the recent globalisation era, the issue of workforce diversity has become of strategic importance to firms that operate on an international level. Suggested initial topic reading: Ntongho, R.

Examining the critical success factors of construction projects in Nigeria In accordance with Karna and Junnonen , more than a half of all construction projects fail to meet their schedule, budget and quality objectives. Suggested initial topic reading: Karna, S. The role of extrinsic and intrinsic motivation stimuli in employee performance in the hospitality industry Employee motivation is considered as an important human resource management HRM construct, which explains individual behaviour in the workplace.

Suggested initial topic reading: Amin, M. The use of reward management as an employee retention tool in the retail sector Reward management can be viewed as a set of policies and strategies designed to reward employees fairly for the value which they bring to their employer Prouska et al. Suggested initial topic reading: Stumpf, S. The effect of empowerment on employee job satisfaction With the growing complexity of the business environment, employees are continuously provided with a wider range of responsibilities and duties.

Suggested initial topic reading: Lee, G. Marketing dissertation topics: The impact of social media on information search and post-purchase evaluation of alternatives The emergence of social media has revolutionised the way in which consumers search for goods and services. Suggested initial topic reading: Varkaris, E. The moderating role of culture in the relationship between celebrity endorsement and consumer purchasing behaviour Celebrity endorsement is a popular form of marketing strategy, which involves celebrities and well-known persons to advertise a product or service. Suggested initial topic reading: McCormick, K.

Suggested initial topic reading: Dwivedi, A. Leadership dissertation topics Transactional and transformational leadership styles in the context of organisational change The leader is a person who is capable of managing an organisation as well as the process of organisational change effectively and successfully Feng et al. Suggested initial topic reading: Feng, C. The relationship between leadership and employee motivation in the service industry Employees have recently become one of the most important resources that lead to the development and maintenance of a competitive advantage Akram et al.

Suggested initial topic reading: Law, C. Gender differences in leadership and their effect on organisational performance There has been a long debate about whether male leaders are more effective compared to female leaders. Suggested initial topic reading: Eagly, A. Got Questions? I don't feel lucky. Free dissertation. Free plan. Free extra topic. Extended amendments period. Free instalment plan. Free PhD Topic and Outline. Free draft. Free 2, word Essay. We should all be very familiar with the Code and use it often. Kellogg, who was a pioneer in employing women in the workplace and reaching across cultural boundaries.

Role of Human Resource Managers in Diversity Management

The company continues his legacy more than years later by making diversity and inclusion top priorities. When employees are understood and accepted for their different cultural backgrounds and beliefs of their colleagues, they are more capable of working harmoniously with their fellow staff and engaging in productive activity.

Leadership that inspires, rather than rules, motivates employees. Employees are able to quickly differentiate a culture of inclusion from one of exclusion. This is precisely why embracing a diverse workplace is important.

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It is important for senior management to be committed to diversity and implement diversity and cultural competence training. Moreover, in daily interactions between employees, there are always teachable moments to further cement the principles of inclusion and tolerance in the workplace. With understanding differences, identifying commonalities and when everyone feels included, they are far more likely to engage fully, develop loyalty and enjoy job satisfaction. It takes awareness of different backgrounds, cultures, and personality traits when managing diversity which is an important key to developing an effective people management strategy and maximizing the contribution of every employee in the workplace.

Although it requires a large commitment by management and employees, diversity pays off. By investing time learning about managing diversity in the workplace, you are taking the step you need to bring your organization into the 21st century and place it in a position to out-perform and out-compete those whose diversity awareness fall short and cripples progress.

One sure way to improve morale in a company is to treat each employee with respect.

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This means recognizing them for who they are as individuals, valuing their input and making them feel welcome in the organizational family. A combination of fresh thinking and experience is the most powerful ammunition an organization can have in its arsenal to beat the competition. As companies and businesses are learning, diversity inclusion is tied to and related to the bottom line of the organization.

If employees feel included in the organization then they will want to stay there and keep producing at high levels. Therefore, the company costs for recruitment and orientation trainings are kept down. The practice of inclusion provides the model of acceptance, belonging, participation, worth and dignity.

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The benefits of diversity training in the workplace are obvious—men and women of different cultural, ethnic, socioeconomic, and religious backgrounds work together and create a harmonious work environment. It is eminent by various honours given by numerous outside organizations to Kellogg for efforts to create a diverse and inclusive corporate culture.

Their efforts are being driven by passionate Kellogg employees who lend their valuable insights and experiences to help shape their food flavors and marketing communications. But how does this happen is the main enigma. Why is diversity and inclusion important to Kellogg Company? What is their vision for diversity and inclusion in the workforce at Kellogg? Throughout our year-plus history, we have made significant strides toward the more equitable inclusion of women, people of color, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender individuals, people with disabilities, veterans and other demographic groups.